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Multi rotation Dedicated IP for Best email delivery

With Pro Max upgrade, you can also set up a Multi dedicated IP—an IP address for sending email employed by a single user or account. Since only your email will be sent from that IP, only you will determine the volume of mail and the reputation of the IP.

A properly maintained IP with an excellent reputation will be one of the best assets you can have as a sender. The better your reputation, the greater the likelihood of your emails reaching the inbox.


Clean your email list and reach your customers with our Email verification API integration

Use our API to detect and suppress invalid email addresses. With a clean list, you reduce your bounce rate and perform better with mailbox providers to improve delivery. It is very easy to integrate.

Email verification makes a difference only when it’s accurate, and NeoMail assures you 98% accurate results with our API Integration.


Whitelabel sending ( user your own send from domain)

We offer setting up a white-labeled domain through which messages appear to originate from your company’s domain. This is beneficial for consistent branding of your emails, as well as for inbox placement and email authentication.

White labeling makes the email marketing campaigns, NeoMail sends on your behalf, appear as if they’re being sent directly by you.


Commercial License - Make killing profits with this license!!!

With NeoMail Pro Max, you are opening endless doors to success. Why? Simply because a commercial license is included within your purchase.

This commercial license is your golden key. It allows you sell unlimited email campaigns to clients for the top dollar loaded with all these Upgraded features.

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If you keep sending emails to the wrong or invalid address, it will result in higher bounce rates. Not to mention, ISPs could begin treating your email address as Spam. Hence, all your emails will go straight to the user’s spam folders, and no one will read it, ever.

NeoMail pro Max is loaded with powerful features such as Email verifier, Whitelabel sending, Dedicated IP – all these can possibly help you...
Our Email verifier will show you all the undeliverable, incorrect, role-based addresses, so your messages land on the desired destination. With this information in your hands, you can remove unnecessary addresses to reduce bounce rates.
By utilizing the email API to check email addresses, you can remove the invalid addresses.
Improve email deliverability

With our dedicated IP address and white label sending, the percentage of emails getting delivered into the right inbox increases. We make sure every email you send comes from you.

Cutting down cost and save time

Our Powerful features filter out emails that are not useful or incorrect, enabling you to send emails to only genuine people. It saves your time and expenses.

Protects your reputation

Sending emails to invalid addresses for quite some time could lead ISPs and ESPs to start considering you as spam and may blacklist your domain. But with our verifier API Integration, dedicated IP and whitelabel sending, you can prevent those mishaps and continue sending messages to your targeted audience with no risk of recipients flagging your email address as spam.

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  • Validate emails instantly. Prevent typos, known complainers, fake and poor-quality email addresses from getting on your lists.
  • Protect your sender reputation.
  • Improve deliverability by validating email addresses before you send.
  • Make sure every email you send comes from you. By white labeling, you can maintain your brand and build your reputation.
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The most important factor in email marketing success is maximizing your email delivery rate.

Our NeoMail email marketing solution emphasizes deliverability.

The impact of having your IP or domain on a blacklist can range from being a small annoyance to a complete showstopper for your email deliverability. Because deliverability is the primary concern for most email marketers, it’s important to understand what you can do as a sender to reduce your risk of being blacklisted and improve your email open rates.

NeoMail Pro Max is your go to solution for improving email deliverability with a dedicated IP address, email verifier integration and white label sending of your own.

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